Monday, December 29, 2008

Religion and Faith as understood by a Spiritual Reject.

Hard work
Cutting wood for the purpose
Of creating
Labor brings us closer
To Our Creator
Duel meanings...
To be full of true spirit is to be constantly empty. Emptiness is the key. Hanging on only disrupts the natural ebb and flow of cosmic forthcomings. Bare witness to all the fruits of The One.
And impart.
Once the glass is gone, it can no longer be full. Yet it is never empty. Throw your desires to the wind and let the Universe yield to you all her accomodations. Realize that everything you require is constantly blooming to sweet fruition.
Mother, Father,
Son and Daughter.
Raised to adulthood
Through experience and
Lessons learned and lost,
Only to be regained.
Finding Truth in the gentle melody
Of everything.
If I could but show you a glimpse
No more questioning
Ever and Forever
All queitly wrapped in to One
The seeker
Has found a home
May be bare on the outside
Serenity within
I am a shephard with no herd.
A prophet, or teacher perhaps
Is that what I am?
A musician or Poet
Is this All I am?
No hard feelings
I cast off my cloak of approval
And commit to go Unheard
It took several trials to get me this far
I still have strength for more.
Joyously approaching every difficulty
With humilty and love
I have never been One.
To Run.
"Faith is a gift of the spirit that allows the soul to remain attached to it's own unfolding."
-Thomas Moore
"The spirit unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals."
-Kahlil Gibran
An Essay on faith, by: Lanny C. Warhurst Jr.
Churches I think, need to teach the true meaning of faith and organize lessons, celebrations and faith based parades to heal our world. Not just our country, our world. Indivisable by God. One world. Realize that faith is your intentions anchored and rooted in love. When we express the best through our collective intention, miracles occur. Jesus said, "All things I have done, so to can you."
Through prayer our faith is given a voice. Pray without words. Let your spirit pray. It is the cord that keeps us in a constant state of communion with God. It is the conduit by which our souls are fed and loved. Your soul knows better than you what you need. All we have to do is Eat and Listen. God even speaks to the busy mind. He is the voice telling you be calm and joyful. "Everything will be okay," he says gently.
It is not like talking to yourself, rather listening to your God-self. Realizing the difference between what seems important today and is infinitely more important tomorrow. Not your car or your bills or even the roof over your head. Christ said, "Deny yourself and follow me." Not serve yourself while your brother starves. Open your doors to strangers. Have a conversation with someone of polarizing beliefs and see if you can stay calm.
The purpose of life is to aid one another as we all stumble through this world. You cannot help from behind closed doors. Love thy neighbor and his children. Listen to your own children and see how the seeds you planted have grown. You never know, they may surprise you.
"If your religion doesn't change you, then you had better change your religion."
-Elbert Hubbard
"I am for religion. Against religions."
-Victor Hugo
"I believe in God. Only I spell it Nature."
Frank Lloyd Wright
"Religion with no joy... It is no religion."
Theodore Parker
"Religion is different from everything else; because in religion, Seeking is Finding."
-Willa Cather
"It takes religion to act, prayer to visualize joyful possibilty and faith to wait and know that God answered. No prayer goes unanswered and our faith is the key to our own possibily. Made manifest through our intentions. Ill intention, just like ill tempered attention, brings about confrontation and ill consequences. I cannot express to you how important it is to project possitivity into our lives and the Universe. Good intentions always bare fruit and plenty of it to go around."
-Lanny C. Warhurst Jr.