Thursday, January 15, 2009

First post of '09.

Here is a colletion of madness I have written since the beginning of this year...

First, I must give a little background. I started out the new year with Absinthe. YUMMY!!! Me thinky me likey a lot... It tastes a little like Oozo, which is a Greek black licorice tasting intoxicating liquer and maybe a little like Jagermeister. Not for the faint of heart. Now there is a process to this maddeningly intoxicating drink which was outlawed in the U.S. up until recent years.
Step 1: Place a spoon over a serving glass with a sugar cube rested securely in said spoon.
Step 2: Pour shot of Absinthe over sugar cube and into glass.
Step 3: Light sugar cube on fire(It will burn, careful not to singe fingers).
Step 4: Slowly pour water(Or Opium if you have liquid opium available, we didn't, tear)over sugar cube until flame is extinquished.
Step 5: Drink fast.

This is what followed after two shots of Asbinthe.

We shall affectionately call this next passage the Absinthe Diaries.

Let the madness intervene
It's not so maddening to me
Leave my requiem in scattered verse and broken sentences
As I succumb to the esoteric dance within me
Loss of form
A shape shifter
With a line for every occasion
Appropriately fitting and elaborately inconvenient
To your version of the truth
My truth is not exclusive
In that no truth is excluded
Mine is an adaptive all encompassing truth searching for direction
Mind, body, soul
Numbers, stars, faith
It is what it is.
Vini, vidi, vici.
I came, I saw, I conquered.

I rediscovered my trip
More than in one sense
I found a part of my Self
Long missing
Awaiting me patiently
In moderation
My excessive behavior
Finally waining
My decado trifecta
Fast approaching
Holy Hell.

I find myself arguing
With My Self
Have we ventured too far
Into the opposite spectrum
To find peace in any conventional sense?
Now the world itself seems tainted
Flip the pros and cons
Be pro-ventional
Or provential if you will.

A word that has sadly lost it's meaning
No one believes any longer
While still we lie
Clawing and scratching at the crumbs of truth
After wading through the shit storm of ideals force fed us by hollywood and washington and thier ilk
Belief is easy
Simple and mindless once you forego the mind
Not lose it
Go beyond it
Further into Self
Until Oneness is Real-Eyes'd.

-I know not too much to be threatening.
But just enough to challenge EVERYTHING.

Lanny C. Warhurst Jr.

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