Saturday, December 20, 2008

...Witchy Red...

"Letters to Katy."

Where to begin.
I listened to this song while watching your slide show.
And all of my suspiscions are confirmed.
You are supernatural.
Like something out of a dream that I imagined and yet never thought possible.
You have wild fire and passion in your eyes veiled in crimson locks.
I find myself simply wanting to witness you.
Experience you.
Not tame you.
For that would go against the very thing I love about you.
Your zest for all things.
Your zeal.
There is a light in you that echoes In forgotten corners of my heart I thought long sense dead Now are showing signs of life reflected in your eyes.
I take a deep breath and there is sweetness in the air of possibilty.
I find myself falling blissfully into the arms of your heart.

Merry Christmas,My Beautiful Irish Katy.

"All I want for Christmas is You."


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