Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday's Madness.

Energy transferred mindlessly
A lull comes over the crowd
The hush of complacent conformity blankets freedom in subconscious marshall law
If I could set fire to your perverted illusions on Life, Love
And everything those two imply
The blaze would scorch Heaven itself.


I label myself a drunk so brazenly.
Denial has no place in me that I have not placed it directly for Heaven's Sake.
Of all the things I have done and still can do and still will there is little that holds any significance for me,
Save my words.
They are the jewel plucked from my ignorant downfall with open eyes, mind and soul and a heart that is so terribly scarred it looks no longer for love.
Instead a place to comfortably hide from the all too rough hands of it's eventual unfolding catastrophe.
To admit my pain is to be rid of it.
And I am not ready to be rid of it.
I relish and cherish the tormented wisdom it brings me in the long cold dark lonely hours of the night as I toss and turn in my solitary place of slumber.
So, in closing, yes...
I am a drunk.
Self professed.
And yet with my addiction comes these words and these trifles of wisdom that trickle down my cheek with every tear I refuse to shed.
So be it.
Such is my chosen plight.
Why have I chosen this path you may or may not ask...
Yet I will tell you regardless of your inquiry.
And my answer may and probably will change over time.
But for now, this will suffice.
Because my pain and my sorrow are the only thing I have that is real and reveals to me the kind of truth that I can feel whole-heartedly.
Take it for what you will.
I do.



Denise said...

You blog like a drunk woman, and that's my bridge dude.
You can read my blog but I blog like a drunk five year old girl.

Denise said...

To get to Alex's blog you have to go through my site 'cause he can't remember how to get in to his blog site right now.