Sunday, November 9, 2008

Start Post I can see what my blog will look like with a post.

How about a picture? This is my daughter, her mother and I. Once upon a time.

Or another one? Here I am in some strange way trying to show off and rekindle sparks of my youth. FAIL!!!
Or... a video!!! I believe this is self explanatory. If not... Please feel free to get up, turn face to face with the nearest wall, and slam head repeatedly until unconsciousness occurs. Enjoy!


Mel said...

Welcome to the wild wild intertubes, cousin dear. I look forward to reading your real first post. :)

Denise said...

Nice picture Lanny! How old is that baby now? And her name? and why don't I already know these things? Melanie?

Denise said...

Also, I have to say, Maynard is fuckin' creepy. I think I would seriously be nervous if I met up with him in a dark alley.