Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sigh of relief... No one has to die.

So I just talked to Truly(that's my baby-mama) and it seems all my worry was for naught. Which is good. Now it is time for me to sit and wait for my impending interview. Impending, it sounds so foreboading when I put it that way, don't it? Well, the good news is that they called me even though my criminal background is somewhat, hmmm what's the word? Spotty? Sure, we'll go with that. Now the only thing is will they overlook the fact that I have long hair? Who knows...? So I send this shout out to all you blog-fiends and miscreants, with much love. Give me your energy and your positive reinforcement. I need this job.
Now I must admit. I hate, hate, hate, working for anyone else but there are more things than just my self to consider... That's right, I just referred to my self as a thing. I've done worse. I would SO much rather be a writer or a poet. Ok, well to be honest I am already both. I would just like to get paid for it. Once thoughts of being a rock-star proliferated this young and ample mind but those are now in the background. Not the far background. But the background none-the-less.
Don't get me wrong. I still love to sing and write and play music with those that I love. And I must admit to being some what of a karaoke whore. I just don't know that anything I have to sing is meant for mass consumption.
I KNOW...! (said with a hint of sarcasm and contempt) Who do I think I am, right? Well, I am me. Never plain and never simple. Just overflowing with mad-insane-tastic brilliance that I am unsure the rest of the sleeping world is ready for. So we start out here. With this little piece of my soul that I share with the universe of ones and zeroes. Content to ask all of you if you think I am a ONE or a ZERO? Keep in mind that while I enjoy other peoples opinions of me, they do not by any means definie me. They never have, they never will. Take it or leave it the fuck alone. I care not. It is what it is, and maybe something more to me.
Then again just so all of you would be readers do not think I am bearing my soul to you here. I may just be using this as a way to bullshit my way into your lives. I haven't decided yet. Mwah ah ah...

And now although highly objected to by my best friend and cousin Mel, here is a piece of truth, from me to you.

"Keep in mind, all that lies herein are ideas, perceptional reality put to paper.
Nothing you have read up to or will read within in finite.
These opinions and observations are meant to be explored."

~LCW Jr. (FYI<----- That's me.)

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